presents the 2016 national state of the financial & economic education

Current United StatesStudent Loan Debt


The State of programs across the nation


How can you help making a difference?

Teachers: Take Action!
Access lesson plans, interactive tools, and other classroom resources
Find resources and in-person professional development opportunities in your state
Use our free online game, Gen i Revolution, to engage your students in solving financial challenges
Participate in the National Economics Challenge
Assess your students’ economic and financial literacy using CEE’s Online Assessment Center
Parents & Students: Take Action!
Help solve financial challenges through 16 missions in the free online game, Gen i Revolution
Form a team at your school to participate in the National Economic Challenge
Encourage your classroom teachers to access lesson plans, interactive tools, and other classroom resources
Advocate for strong standards and course requirements in your district or state
Policy Makers: Take Action!
Get help from CEE via our advocacy toolkit
Encourage your district or state to adopt comprehensive standards in economics and personal finance
Engage your Chief State School Officer by exposing the problem and the solution
Connect with your state board of education officials
Learn about programs in place in your state and find schools ready to implement a new program

Standards Course Requirements Testing
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